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[04 Oct 2004|02:02am]


The air was light. It wafted through the sky effortlessly. And the scent it carried was familiar to him. That alone shocked the small wolf. It'd been a good 6 months since he'd taken one "last look" at this place. A place he hadn't anticipated returning to so soon. It was a little unsettling to him. He'd prepared himself for an expanded length of time to remain with his family. Ieran, his okaa-san-- was thankful he was home. F'course she never showed it. She was an impossible woman to read, but Syaoran usually got the gist of her.

    It was only about 24 hours since he got his second call from Sakura. Her voice distort over the phone line. Giggling in between sentences, trying to cover up the anxiety he otherwise sensed from her. Ethereal laughter paused from her words---she was so strong.

    Ieran tried her best to persuade him to stay in China. Japan didn't concern him anymore, she told him. Cards or not. He had no responsibility there. (Or so she thought.) Sakura remained the new Master of the Cards. But he'd be damned if anyone would keep him from helping her in a time of need. --Sakura. This would the first he'll see her since he left. Sure they spoke on the phone but that was different. Different from seeing someone face to face. Had she changed? Would she still look and act the same? Would she -- still have the same feelings for him? Nothing was ever written in stone.

A sigh of relief exhaled the pent up air in his lungs and carried the boy through the terminal; which seemed to go on forever. Loosing the clustered crowd, which went off in all directions, he seemed to quickly fall into a deserted area of the exit port.

Anxious digits gripped the strap of a diminutive carry on bag. The other hand clamped a baggage claim ticket, fully equipped with map. Thank god, Kansai Airport was big enough for a small village to live in.

Curiosity started to envelop the boy as the tedious waiting for baggage needed to be clouded from his mind. He'd spoken with Sakura almost a week ago. She verified she was fine -- but he knew her better than to ignore the amount of tension in her voice. She was distressed, and no matter how many times she'd told him, "every thing will be fine, I'll work things out" -- he'd not listen. It was priceless how much optimism she had; but sometimes, it wasn't enough. And when it came to her being in even the slightest bit of trouble, the boy could never forgive himself if anything were to happen to her.

    He remembered her phone call so clearly. It was unexpected at first, then rather welcomed. Hong Kong might have been the boy's home -- but he felt even more "at home" in Tomoeda. She was out of breath in her phone call. He'd asked why, rather quickly. She lied and said she merely came back from running. With silence traveling from his end she laughed that "giggle" that almost made everything right in the world. Then she told him -- the strange happenings, and sensations she felt. She hadn't meant to worry him, merely ---he'd cut her off there. He knew she was worried. And for the length of time she said it'd gone on, it didn't settle well with him.

  He gripped the phone tight in anticipation -- maybe that wasn't the only thing that brought him back to Japan? He'd get to see her again. But that couldn't be his only motive, it might not have been hers.

    "Did you contact Eriol?" His rather strange family member, who insisted on referring to Syaoran as "cute relative" .. Pfft, he saw no resemblance. She assured him she would and in the mean time the small wolf would book plans, and temporarily return to Japan. With a small click of the phone against the receiver Meiling entered his room. She'd heard it all. Where his cousin would have normally staged him with jealousy and ignorance she now opposed it. Silence passed before she did, where her eyes seemed to be stuck on him. But that was only momentary. After that she pressured his departure. He never really could understand her true intentions -- he just hoped she wasn't agonizing herself.

Luggage claim had drifted along rather quickly. He loaded the Nankai 'Rapid' express train which would bring him to buses departing Osaka City, after that Tomoeda was only a breathe away.

    Jibun ni makenai yo.

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Testing post. [23 Sep 2004|09:07pm]

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Just a few more things need to be tweaked with. Have fun Brendii! xD

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[02 Sep 2004|11:52pm]
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